Sunday, July 26, 2020

What Is the Side Effect of Drinking Too Much Ionized Alkaline Water?

"Over-alkalinity" is the most common question I face in my years of dealing in the ionized water industry. I saw a news article in the paper last month that a young doctor claims that we human do not need to drink alkaline water. He says that our body has the natural ability to regulate the body pH through urination, breathing, and sweating.

Yes! He was right that our body has the natural ability to get rid of the excess acids in the body, but he forgot that we are no more living in the natural environment. Almost all the foods in the market now are processed with 'high tech' methods in order achieve maximum commercial return. And our diet has changed greatly from mainly plant based to animal based. Human has become a carnivore.

Human body is not designed (or evolves) to process high consumption of protein and refined carbohydrate, these foods are the main cause of acids build up in the in the body. Obesity, gout, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and all other so-called "modern diseases" are actually not diseases. All these are just symptoms that the body is undergoing serious acidosis.

There is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners say that alkaline is "Yang" which means hot sun and consuming too much of alkaline will 'burn' the person down. How ironic! At first, he was comparing alkaline water as if it is a herb and then he said that alkaline water is 'inorganic' saying it is just dirt and rocks.

I have been drinking ionized alkaline water (everyday at least 3 Litres) of the highest alkalinity for the past few years and I am not burned to ashes yet. On the contrary, I feel much more energetic and healthy since I started to practice alkaline lifestyle. I seldom fall sick. I have never visited to any clinic or hospital to get a so-called medical consultation since the past 8 years after I learned the importance of keeping the body pH in balance.

The only reason that some health practitioners, be it traditional or conventional doctors, produced that kind of rubbish articles to prevent people from drinking ionized alkaline water is because they do not want people to become 'sickless' as the result of alkalizing the body. Well, if there is less and less people get sick, these medical professionals will be out of business soon and they will end up eating their own herbs or pills for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are the ones who are going to eat dirt and rocks when everybody starts to drink ionized alkaline water regularly.

Herbs and pills are effective in certain ways, but the fact is that almost all medicines, herbs or pills, are poisons! You can use medicine to treat emergency conditions such as food poisoning or a snake bite. There is popular Chinese medicine proverbs - 'yi du gong du' which means use poison to deal with poison. But the fact is that all those modern diseases are not caused by poisons, they are caused by acids. Simple Science cures everything.

Source by Hemen Ee