Monday, June 22, 2020

The Presence of Fear is a Sure Sign You Are Trusting in Your Own Strength


Last year I had the privilege to hear Marianne Wiliamson speak for two hours at a conference in LA, The Freedom Formula Experience, hosted by Christine Kloser, Marianne was one of the guest presenters along with Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman, David Neagle, and of course, Christine. It was a phenomenal experience that brought me to tears repeatedly.

Marianne Williamson is viewed as one of the most "plugged in "spiritual leaders in the world today in bringing God's voice into the world, When she speaks, much of what she says references The Course in Miracles, a three volume curriculum; a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches about Universal love, peace, and forgiveness. Personally, I have not taken this course and I am feeling that I might add this program to my spiritual practices in the near future.

As she spoke she reminded us that the Universal Laws that govern creation are unalterable fundamental truths that underpin our internal existence just as the Law of Gravity is a truth that governs our outer world. Aligning with Universal Principles in thought, word and deed empowers us to flow in co-creatorship with The Divine vision for our life.

Two of the principles she spoke on from the Course are:

1. The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength

2. Beware of self-initiated plans

What do they mean?

Let's take number one about fear, which is something we can all relate to as a powerful energy that can be a catalyst for change or a barrier to experiencing the fullness of the life we came here to live.

In a recent conversation with some close colleagues we talked about that when are in the grips of fear and our inner thoughts become rampant with worse case scenarios that we have disconnected from God/Source/Higher Power and are running at full throttle into the illusions of our mind.

When we are connected with our "essence, our eternal nature", we have faith and trust that all is well and our viewpoint is one of peaceful expectation that all our needs are met and our job is to listen to and follow the guidance the Source within.

When fear shows up, that's a signal to stop, take a breath, pause, get present, and go within for guidance and inspiration. Taking this simple and powerful step invites you to get present to the reality that all is OK in this moment and that your imaginings are not matching up to "you're HERE and NOW", unless you truly are in danger! All others thoughts are pure fabrication.

In the illusion of fear we can cut ourselves off from the support and power of the Universe to partner with us in creating "what's next" and resolving any circumstance that presents itself in service to our growth and evolution. In fear we ask, "What do I do?" meaning, "How do I get rid of this or make it stop", rather than "Who am I being called to be in this moment. What is mine to do?" and opening to the growth and learning that comes from the experience as a gift and blessing to our evolution. In fear, we resist, rather than embrace.

It takes practice and commitment to hear the calling and voice God speaking through your soul. It takes courage to go the distance of walking through the experience to reach the gift on the other side that is calling you forward.

My dear friend Kimberly Marooney says, "The Universe handles 80% and our job is to handle the other 20%. That means showing up and taking 100% responsibility for our 20% part in co-creation".

When we go off to pursue our own problem-solving ideas without including the guidance of spirit, we are trusting in our own will and strength to figure it out. That's like flipping a finger at the big guy or gal, and saying "No thanks, I'll do it myself!"

Is that you?

If you said yes, how's that workin for ya?

Point two - Beware of self-initiated plans. Your vision for your life, even if it seems fabulous, pales in comparison to the vision in the mind of God. You might be very successful financially, or by whatever your definition of success is, and still feel like something is missing; a dissatisfaction, emptiness, frustration that seems to suggest that there is something out of whack.... And you might feel a yearning, a longing for that missing something.

I believe that longing is for communion with God; to fulfill your purpose for being here in a physical body in alignment with the vision God has for your life. Our most fundamental reason for being is to "love and be loved" - to be the embodiment of Divine love in who we are and what we do. To "BE LOVE".

When we begin each New Year we typically think about where we are, what we want and create a vision to motivate us into action right? Then we might write down our goals, create a vision board, write down affirmations, visualize the result we want and go forward with the intentions of what we pictured is already ours using accountability, methods to track progress, etc. Sound familiar?

Marianne spoke about how each of us came here with a unique blueprint encoded within us to fulfill in our life experiences. Things that we wished to experience for the purpose of our own evolution, to serve the world to evolve, and to expand Creation.

So, let's say you're having some success with action plans but not really at the level of success you desire or you keep bumping up against obstacles and can't seem to gain momentum. You seem to be doing everything right and things just don't seem to flow the way you want. You might even be feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, disappointed, and perhaps angry at your self, God, others...

What if your plan wasn't God's plan?

What if the job you assigned yourself to do wasn't the job God had for you?

What if the plan you created was motivated by fear rather than inspired by the mind of God?

In the last few days I have been getting strong inner nudges to be doing more meditation and looking at my priorities. I have come to realize that I have been squeezing my spiritual practices into the daily activities of running my business, rather than making my spirituality the most important commitment in my life. I have allowed my business and other distractions to take precious time away from cultivating my relationship with my soul and Source. I haven't been aligned with my desires to be in Oneness with All There Is which is why some areas of my life and business have continued to be stressful.

So yesterday I committed to meditate twice daily and immerse myself with more opportunities and spiritual practices to commune with my spirit. My decision is to daily carve time and space to prioritize my relationship with God and to check in repeatedly for guidance throughout the day, especially when making decisions.

This morning during meditation I asked four questions that Marianne posed for morning reflection:

* Who am I called to be?

* What I am called to do?

* What am I called to speak?

* And to whom?

When you are out of alignment with your essential SELF in your thoughts, feeling, words, and actions, you are perfectly aligned to the results you are creating.

When you seem to be doing everything right and things aren't flowing, my partner, Anita Pathik Law and I both believe that - The key to manifesting more of what you want is being in alignment. Simply put, whenever you are hitting up against obstacles, unintentional or undesired creations in your life, something, somewhere is out of whack. Unless you can see where you are out of alignment you will continue to operate in a survival oriented space, which is a difficult place to attract and manifest your greatest desires.

Operating strictly through EGO is one way we "Edge God Out". A healthy ego partners with our soul to align with Divine Will.

If you're unhappy with your life, you have the POWER to alter your course when you align with the Divine!

How about today?


Source by Lorraine Cohen