Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Acai Berry - The Berry That Has Everyone Talking

Acai Berry, the amazing berry that is straight of the Amazon rainforest, has been receiving critical acclaim world wide for its health benefits. With more than 10 times the anti-oxidants of red grapes and 30 times that of red wine, it is one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the earth. However the list of benefits does not stop there. The berry supposedly helps with things ranging from weight loss to cancel prevention. With these large claims, it certainly needs to be investigated and explored.

What is an Acai Berry?

Acai Berry, pronounced a-shigh-ee, is similar in size to a blueberry and has a seed in the middle. It supposedly tastes like a mix between a wild raspberry and a grape. Some of its properties include:

- High in antioxidants (10 times greater than red grapes)

- Rich in amino acids

- High in dietary fibre

- Enzymes and Cofactors that assist digesting and absorption of nutrients

The excitement around Acai Berry relates to the amazing benefits people have been achieving from it. The biggest claims are that it helps reduce aging and has anti-cancer properties. Many of these properties relate to the high level of antioxidants, which absorb free radicals in the body to help prevent the decay of cells. One of the antioxidants is Guthanion which has been shown to be a strong healing agent. The antioxidant plays a role the process of carcinogenic detoxification and it is contented that this helps prevent cancer.

There has not been any independent scientific studies to confirm the benefits of Acai Berry. However, the Journal of Food and Agricultural Food Chemistry published the results of a study that was conducted on test tube leukemia cells and found that in 85% of cases the cells self destructed when they were exposed to Acai berry extracts.

Some of the other benefits are more subjective, but include:

o Weight Loss

o Increase in energy levels

o Improved mental health

o Reduction in blood sugar levels

o Remove toxins from the body

o Reduce stress

o Improve sleep

o Help alleviate depression

o Control of cholesterol in the body

Further tests will need to be conducted to see if this amazing berry showing so much promise actually delivers the results it says it does. However for now, thousands of people around the world are testifying to its amazing benefits.

Source by Richard Fuessel