Monday, July 20, 2020

Astrological Sign and Unnatural Death - Is There a Link?

People die every day. We all know that. We also all know that there are many varied ways a person can die, ranging from old age while happily sleeping in bed, through to all manner of nasty accidents and diseases.

Did you ever wonder if your astrological sun sign would influence the way you die? I would seem to be logical that since a person's sign influences their traits, characteristics, intelligence, creativity and lifestyle, then that sign could also influence the manner in which a person dies.

The problem is that the only way to prove that would be to undertake an enormous study of manner of death and astrological sign. So that is exactly what happened. A group of Astrologers, health care workers and police officers throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe worked to gather more than 60,000 cases for analysis. That information was carefully reviewed and a study on manner of death by astrological sun sign was produced.

Do I have you already jumping to conclusions about which sign is most frequently murdered? Commits suicide? Is killed by an animal?

In this article I am going to summarise some of the information gathered about the sun sign MOST likely to die an unnatural death - Virgo!

Overall, Virgo was 25% more likely to die an unnatural death than Scorpio, the sign least likely to die an unnatural death (but most likely to kill someone else)

Please note that in this context, an unnatural death is one which is unexpected or sudden or not from natural causes - the type of death that usually comes to the attention of the police, sheriffs and medical examiners.

Virgo was the sign most likely to be murdered, coming first in the rankings for being shot or stabbed, and equal second with Cancer and Aquarius for being strangled. Some of the negative personality traits of Virgos (excessive criticism, fussy behavior, nagging and obsessive organising/list making) were noted by the astrologers contributing to this study as being possible reasons that Virgos end up being victims of murder more frequently than any other sign.

This extensive study also revealed that Virgo was equal first with Pisces in dying while riding a bicycle. This type of death included people who were hit by another vehicle, rode their bicycle into a stationary object such as a tree or just fell off and suffered injuries that ended in death.

The good news for Virgos is that they were the sign least likely to die in a vehicle accident.

If you would like to learn more about this study on death and sun signs and see how your sign ranks, please go to

Source by Claire Oakwood