Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Liability Due to Lack of Warning Signs

A well placed, clear and legible warning signs can give the owners of the place a protection from the liabilities from injuries occurred on the premises. Safety signs are definitely a necessity everywhere. It makes people aware of the dangers lying ahead, be it a wet floor caution or the quickest possible fire exit.

Slipping due to the absence of the wet floor sign.

There are caution-wet floor sign available in bright yellow colour, to make people aware and avoid the wet floor ahead. In the absence of a sign like this, there can be lawsuits and injury claims brought up by those people who have occurred an injury by falling on the wet floor.

Proper signage

It is the obligation of all the commercial establishments to keep their property safe and from the dangerous conditions or defects which can result in serious injuries. It is their duty to make sure that they are doing everything possible in their power to ensure a hazard free environment.

This duty comprises using all the essential safety signs and putting them properly at the right place. Failing to do so would result in the violation of their duty and if this negligence causes an injury to anybody, that person has the right to compensation for their damages. The damages can include medical bills and also the out of the pockets expenses for other medications, wheelchairs or crutches, sick days or lost wages and also emotional distress.

Injuries caused due to the improper placements or absence of the safety signs.

Do not take the absence of the warning signs lightly. It can cost you much more than you think. You can land up with a sprained and a torn ligaments and muscles along with serious back injuries. You can also fracture your bones and can also get a serious head injury. So why not take precautions beforehand, rather than looking for a cure afterwards.

What to do if you have an injury due to the absence of the safety signs?

Before claiming for a compensation, you need to gather a lot of evidence to prove your claim. Stronger evidence will improve your chances of a substantial injury settlement.

Incident reports and hospital records

Describe your accident in details and make sure to point out enough evidences to the person responsible that due to which reason you incurred an injury and also do not forget to point out the absence of the safety signs. Get a copy of the complete report from the person you explained the incident to and also have all the medical reports of the injuries you occurred from that accident.

Also try to lay your hands on any photographs or videos of your accident to make your claim stronger. Another important thing which you should not forget is to gather witness statements. There might be people around when you would have had the accident. The first thing you should do is that you can ask them to write down whatever they witnesses at the moment. The written proof of that witness should also state the absence of the warning signs when the accident happened.

Source by John A Denver